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Current WIP: Commission mermaid Meressa

She is finally finished!
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I make these WIPs for you to view and enjoy, and they are not allowed to be printed or copied in any way. If you learn something from them I am happy, and I keep showing WIPs as long as I do not see or hear of any infringement on my rights. The artwork on my website are not allowed to be printed, copied or duplicated. 

In Progress- pages contain pictures of nude (also male) sculptures, so if you have an issue with that, please do not go any further!

T h a n k   y o u   f o r   y o u r   i n t e r e s t   in   m y   w o r k !

The mermaid has got purple/blue tail and fin. I am waiting for her hair mohair to arrive...

There she finally is all sculpted, waiting for sanding, and then scales.

Torso is sculpted and baked. We have a mason making us a new fireplace, and I haven't been able to concentrate much in sculpting lately...

We are doing renovation job in our living room, that's why I am being SUPER slow now. Lots of job, lots of dust...
But I have managed to sculpt her face!

I have made the armature, of Aves apoxie, of course. There is a rod hidden inside the plant, and she has a tube in her tail.

The sketch:

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