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My name is Anna-Mari Kaipainen and I am a Finnish artist living in a small Kerkonkoski village. Ever since I can remember, I have loved making things with my own hands, and enjoyed creating beautiful things. When I was young I used to draw many hours every day, or sew dolls' clothes or craft what ever came to my mind. I found myself lost if I couldn't make something with my hands... well I did like reading too :)

At school my art teacher encouraged me to apply into Savonlinnan Taidelukio (the high school
for the visual arts), which I did and was accepted. I enjoyed my studies there very much, learning drawing, painting, graphics, pottery, sculpting, art-history... I consider that time for the solid basis of my arts and crafts career.

After the high school I was accepted to Kuopio Academy of
Arts and Crafts, where I studied for five years of design and crafts, specialized in weaving, among other special crafts, like felting, dyeing, hand-printing, bookbinding...  

I work as a craftsman and artist, and I have a study at home. I make quilts, soft toys and miniatures, which has been my passion from the year 1988.
You can find the other part of my crafts in my Finnish Mollamari website.  I love working at home, being able to be with my children (two girls), teaching them that there is so much beautiful things in life.

My passion is polymer clay sculpting, creating lifelike creatures from a piece of clay. I started making fantasy sculpts in may 2006 after seeing some amazing fairies in the Internet. I have always loved the fantasy world, but this new media has brought it to me in new dimensions. Sculpting is taking more and more time away from my other crafts, I enjoy it so much.

All of my sculptures are created from my heart and soul, and from the love of fairy-tales, myths and folklore. I bring life to the creatures of my imagination, the place where all you can dream of comes to reality. I love beautiful things around me, I enjoy and respect the nature and its inhabitants, real and the mythical; those that only people with enough imagination, sense and faith can see.

There is nothing more satisfying than to create something beautiful, the process in itself gives me such a pleasure and joy, and the art work that I have created gives me that even more, and I hope it will bring joy to you and my collectors too. Fairies, mermaids, sirens and pixies are calling to be created, and that is the call which I will answer, what ever it might bring to me!

"Seek the beauty around you, and just imagine..."

With love,

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