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Previous WIPs:

Nr41 Bianca

Nr37 Alycia

Nr 35 Vanessa fairy

Nr 34 Neride mermaid

Nr 33 Sadie fairy

Nr32 Meressa mermaid

Nr 31 Lumi fairy

Nr 30 Ruska fairy

Nr 29 Phoenix fairy

This is the place where I will put pictures of my sculpts when they are in progress of coming alive from a lump of polymer clay. Taking pictures of the work helps me in the progress, and I think you might also be interested to see, what there is behind those lovely costumes, and how a sculpt is actually made.

Please keep coming back often, I will update this page as I work. If you wish to get a notice when my sculpts will become available at auction
, please join my  mailing list! I will also give a notice when I start a new piece, so you can see the development from the beginning. I will add new pics on top, so the work starts from the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

I make these WIPs for you to view and enjoy, and they are not allowed to be printed or copied in any way. If you learn something from them I am happy, and I keep showing WIPs as long as I do not see or hear of any infringement on my rights. The artwork on my website are not allowed to be printed, copied or duplicated. 

In Progress- pages contain pictures of nude (also male) sculptures, so if you have an issue with that, please do not go any further!

T h a n k   y o u   f o r   y o u r   i n t e r e s t   in   m y   w o r k !

Current wip

All artwork, images and text displayed in this website is copyright protected. They are by law not permitted to be copied or duplicated in any form, or used in any other way.
They remain in sole ownership of Anna-Mari Kaipainen of Mollamari Creations 2006-2007.