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White winter fairy

She will be very white, in a snowy and icey setting.

Current WIP: White winter fairy

She will be very white, in a snowy and icey setting.

Her name is Lumi, and she is finished and I am very pleased after the troubles!
Lumi is a Finnish word for snow.
More pics in the Fantasy gallery! Her auction will start tonight!

Some eye candy for you, she's got hair and crown!

Oh and I have decided that this is a thank you sculpture for all my dear collectors and followers, I will start her auction at 99 cents. :)
So you can start waiting for the Sunday, yey, I think I will get her finished in time!

Some progress, yey!
I have had flue, stomach flue, a guest, birthday party... so she has been waiting.
AND I didn't know how to cover nicely those brown marks that the lotion effected in the baking.. so lots of thinking job.
I managed to get most of them off rubbing gently with acetone, and the rest covered up with paint.
So, she has got paint now. I gave her several thin white washes, and then gave her shimmer with pearl Ex powder!
A bit different from me, a shining fairy, ha! We will see how she progresses from this, I am intending to finish her by Sunday... for auction!

I decided to give her boots so her feet won't be cold in the winter setting....

... and yes, the brown marks came from the lotion! No marks whatsoever on her legs, where I didn't use the lotion.
Also someone told me Fimo Puppen porcelain darkens up a lot when baked. So got to keep that in mind! It looks so white and pale unbaked...

Oh boy I am having troubles with this clay! She baked a bit dark in the first bake, and in the second bake
her torso and head baked even more darker... the arms are lighter. Also she has some weird dark marks, like brushmarks on her.
I think either the clay reacted with the lotion I use to smooth her, or there was some residue in the oven, from baking food,
that somehow got to her "skin". Really weird, and this has never ever happened before with the other clay I usually use.
(And I use two thermometers that I have checked they are right, no overbaking there.)
Well, I still will finish her and I will have to come up with a way to make her skin uneven, and light! I don't want to give up and make this a brown fairy!

I have sanded the brown marks a bit, that's why she looks really weird coloured now.

Oh she is difficult to take pics of, that white clay shows every tiniest bumps! But now her torso is sculpted and she is going in the oven.
She will get a bodice, hence the strange looking breasts. I made some changes on her lips and cheeks, but forgot to take close ups pics.

Sorry I haven't been updating... I am sculpting her of really pale, almost white clay and I must say it is a bit difficult to see what I am doing.
But her head is about finished, I am now sculpting her torso, trying to decide will she be wearing covering outfit or not.

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