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Phoenix fairy

The Phoenix emerging, rising from the ashes and burning red embers, she cracefully swirls and stretches hersef to become live again.
The fairy has huge burning red flame-like wings and black shortish hair. The base is covered with "ash" and embers.

The Phoenix has risen!
More pics in the Fantasy Gallery!

Hi! Oh boy this is one neverending project... But I have had some progress! The base is done and so are the wings and her hedpiece!
I have been sick the last week, but on work again, slowly. I think she will be finished soon, and perhaps up for auction in Sunday next week!
Stay tuned. :D

Would you stand on this...? She will.

More waiting. Sorry. But this time I am waiting too... I have waited to get some tibetan lamb hair for the fairy,
they took awfully long to come, and they were not what I wanted... ARGH!! So more waiting. I am frustrated.

I am so sorry I have kept you waiting! Some other stuff I have had to make so she was on hold for a while...
But now she is all sculpted and ready for paints!


She has got legs!
Her legs needs a lot of sanding and scraping... some sellulite on her thighs, hehe.

The torso.

Her face is almost ready for baking.

The Aves armature:

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