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Luonnottaret - Nature Goddesses

Wall mural friezes on our living room.

Our living room is art nouveau style and I have got inspiration for the friezes from Kalevala, which is our national epic,
which was very popular in Finnish art around the changing of the 19th and 20th century.
There are several nature goddesses (or spirits) in Kalevala, and nine of them will be featured on our living room friezes.
The inspiration for the style is from Mucha's paintings.

Frieze over the kitchen doorway.

Star Goddess - Tähdetär

Sun Goddess - Päivätär

Moon Goddess - Kuutar

Waterlily frieze on the side walls.

The wall facing the garden will have Time Goddess (Ajatar), Water Goddess (Aallotar), Wind Goddess (Tuuletar),
Earth Goddess (Maatar), Air Goddess (Ilmatar) and Fire Goddess (Panutar).

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