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Nr 9 in Fantasy Collection

OOAK mermaid sculpture by Mollamari Creations

Mirella is sitting and dreaming on the beach,
catching the rays of gentle sun on her smooth skin, while sparkles of the blue ocean
play on her glittering tail and shiny fin...
Can you imagine what she is thinking of? Is she dreaming of her beloved to come to meet her on the beach..
Or is she remembering sweet moments of her life, maybe a kiss?
If you are willing to take a chance, she might whisper her secrets to your ear.

Mirella is a lady mermaid with dark brown shiny viscose hair,
 and she has lovely tiara
with blue beads and a swarowsky Chrystal on her head.
She also wears a beautiful necklace made of glass beads.
Mirella has blue and purple sparkling tail with detailed scales. Tail has silvery tone in it.
Her skin
is very gently blushed,  and her facial features are painted with quality heat set oil paints.
She has real eyelashes made of viscose hair.

Mirella has been made of Creall-Therm professional polymer clay mixed with a bit of Cernit.
The sculpture is made over a strong silver-plated copper wire for added strength.
 I have sculpted every detail and muscle with greatest care, there has been no molds used in her creation,
she is a OOAK pure sculpt. She is about 11cm (4 3/8") tall in her sitting position.


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