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Number 4 in  Fantasy Collection 

OOAK  fairy sculpture by Mollamari Creations

Vekara is a little fairy boy sitting on a high snagged stump playing pan-flute.
He loves the sound of his tiny straw pipe, which he plays with his skillful beautiful hands,
amusing himself and his fairy friends with his music..
He has a small decorated leather lone cloth on his hips. On his bushy fire red hair
he has a tiny leaf hat. Vekara has big green eyes and cute freckles. He comes with two pairs of wings,
the first pair is dragonfly printed wings with iridescent cellophane,
the second pair is red/green painted skeleton leaves with iridescent cellophane.
You can choose which wings you put on him, and keep the others  as a spare pair.
He measures 7,7 cm (3") in his sitting position, and he would be about 13,5 (5 3/8")cm if standing.
He is made from polymer clay over strong wire armature, and he is one-of-a-kind sculpture
made with no molds, and no mold taken from him.

He sits in his beautiful snagged stump, and he is detachable.
The whole display measures 21 cm (8 2/8") in height and 25 cm (10") in its greatest width.

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