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Nr 39 in Fantasy Collection

OOAK fantasy sculpture by Mollamari Creations

Roxana is a free minded fairy, disregarding everyone else's opinions.
She lives in the city alleys, hides underground in the subway tunnels,
and has fun with her wild urban fairy friends.

She has glittering burgundy hotpants, and black net socks and gorgeous boots with buckles.
Her Tibetan lambs hair is bright red with black, tied up in two big ponytails with black ribbons.
Her inset eyes are handmade by the artist and they are purple, and she has real black eyelashes
and eyebrows carefully added one by one. She has a silver cuff in her left brow and also earrings.
Her iridescent wings are blue when she is on dark background and pink and purple on ligther
background, and they are posable and removable for safe shipping.

Roxana is sculpted by hand all the way from the beginning, and painted with quality heat set oil paints.
Her armature is made of twisted strong silver-plated copper, and Aves Apoxie sculpt, which makes
her extremely strong, she has strong wires all the way to her fingers. She is 18 cm (7") tall ,
and the overall height of the piece is 22 cm (8 5/8") up to the top of the wings.
Her every muscle, bone and all the tiniest details are meticulously hand sculpted by me from
professional quality polymer clay. She is anatomically correct all over.
She is one of a kind (OOAK) creature, and will never be duplicated.

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