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Nr 24 in Fantasy Collection

OOAK fantasy sculpture by Mollamari Creations

Lily sits quietly on her wooden stool on the woods admiring the colourful play of the sunset...
she is waiting for the sun to set the last rays,
then she takes off to her usual flight around the forest.
She is sweet little pixie and she never does harm to anyone...

but if you happen to hear some giggling or if your hair gets pulled or hood gets caught in the woods,
it wasn't the tree branches, Lily just wanted to play a little with you!

Lily is little pixie dressed in all purple, even her tibetan lambs hair is beautiful light purple! She wears purple tight little dress
with sleeves on her thin body, and she has dark purple stockings. She has also a little cap on her hair.
Her wings are iridescent in colours of red, purple, orange and green, and light gets them sparkle. Lily sits on a piece of driftwood,
which is ideal for her to sit on! there is a rod in the piece of wood, that fits in the hole in her thigh, so she is detachable but sits there securely.

She is much smaller than my usual fairies, she would be only 13 cm ( 5 inches) tall if she were standing.

She is hand sculpted by me from professional quality polymer clay and there is a sturdy silver-plated copper wire armature in her
that makes her strong. She is one of a kind (OOAK) creature, and will never be duplicated.

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