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OOAK fairy sculpture by Mollamari Creations

I was taking my usual late night walk in the garden, as I suddenly heard something
from the blackberry bushes... what was it?
I knew it surely was something else than the wind moving the leaves, so I just had to sneak there quietly
and satisfy my curiosity. Excitement tingled on my back when I lifted the branches... and there she stood,
definitely more startled than me, staring at me with her big golden eyes!

So we stood there a while staring at each others, she confused for getting caught,
me enchanted by her glowing eyes.

I have never seen these little green faeries before, they blend in the green hues of the nature,
hiding from the humans cleverly. This time little Fernie revealed herself in the lust
of eating juicy delicious blackberries.

 Little blackberry thief Fernie has ash blond Tibetan lambs hair, and she has tied a few locks with some green glass beads.
She has also tied a jute and sparkling fiber string around her head to keep her hair away from her face.
She has big enchanting golden eyes
painted with quality heat-set oil colors, and they are glazed to get very living expression in them.
She has real eyelashes and eyebrows made of lambswool on her beautiful eyes.
Her skin is olive green, but has fleshy tone, it is colourwashed with heat-set oil paints.
She wears a small olive green leaf loin cloth, and she has tied a string of
jute and sparkling fibers on her hips,
and she has found tiny leaves which she used for a fancy necklace.

Fernie's wings are made by Candice Cinque, they are olive green with irridecent spots and holes.
The wings are gently poseable, and detachable for safe shipping.
Her armature is made of twisted strong silver-plated copper, and Aves Apoxie sculpt, which makes her extremely strong,
she has wires all the way to her fingers too.

Fernie's base is driftwood with a blackberry branch that I built up. The leaves have been cut and painted from artificial plant leaves,
and I have also added the hulls and stamens around the berries, and painted and glossed them to get more realistic look.
They do look delicious, no wonder she couldn't resist them. The berry branch can be arranged in different positions.

There is a brass tube in her right leg all the way to her back, and the base has steal rod which fits the tube,
and she can be taken off from her base.

Her every muscle, bone and all the tiniest details are meticulously hand sculpted by me from professional quality polymer clay.
She is anatomically correct all over. She is one of a kind (OOAK) creature, and will never be duplicated.
She would be 17 cm (6 3/4") tall if she was standing straight. The overall height with the base is 20 cm (7 7/8")

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