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Nr 16 in Fantasy Collection

OOAK fairy sculpture by Mollamari Creations

Hey, why did you wake me up?
Kiara was sleeping peacefully when something disturbed her. Was it a snap in the woods, or sudden breeze of wind over her?
Were noisy birds screaming around her... or was she disturbed by you trying to take a closer look on her?

 Kiara has soft and curly dark brown Tibetan lambs hair,
and she wears lovely tiny flowers on her hair. Her eyes are silvery light violet, and they are glazed to get very living expression in them,
painted with quality heat-set  oil colors. She has real eyelashes and eyebrows made of lambswool on her beautiful eyes.
Her light skin has four very thin translucent layers of colourwash made with heat-set oil paints,
to achieve very living and fleshy pale skin tone. She wears only small "skirt" on her hips.

She has large soft coloured pink and green butterfly wings decorated with glitter, which makes them sparkle in the light.
Her armature is made of twisted strong silver-plated copper, and Aves Apoxie sculpt, which makes her extremely strong,
she has wires all the way to her fingers too.

Her every muscle, bone and all the tiniest details are hand sculpted by me from professional quality polymer clay.
She is anatomically correct all over. She is one of a kind (OOAK) creature, and will never be duplicated.
She would be 16 cm (6 1/4") tall if she was standing.

Outdoor picture

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