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Nr 14 in Fantasy Collection

OOAK siren sculpture by Mollamari Creations


Warm darkness pierced with points of light
Crescent moon soars high to take it's place
Our soft echos fill the still summer night air

I reach for you and cry out your name
Hear me calling to you so soft and low
sweet music to bind your heart to mine 

See my body flicker in the looming dark
Bathed warm in the glow of distant stars
I search for your spirit and feel you near

Come here to me love, please take my hand
Let me fill your heart with the light of the sun
With many a kiss till the golden light of dawn

W. I. Boucher

Seductive siren Desire has rised up to a ball stone calling for her victims in love.
Her light strawberry red hair is soft and curly tibetan mohair, crowned with tiara with big faux gems,
and three spinels, which decorate also her arm tattoos. She wears tiny removable seaweed top on her breasts.
 Her eyes are silver and violet, and they are glazed to get very living expression in them,
painted with quality heat-set  oil colors. She has real eyelashes and eyebrows made of lambswool on her beautiful dreamy eyes.
 Her skin has four very thin translucent layers of colourwash with heat-set oil paints,
to achieve very living and fleshy tone of skin.

Her tail is pink and beautifully spotted on the sides,
the tail has individually carved scales, which shimmer beautifully in pink.
 She has large fin, which glitters in light, and it is gently poseable. 

She is  on a beautiful glass ball base, which is filled with white sand, and given an illusion of water on top of it.
There is a brass tube in her tail all the way to her hip, and the base has steal rod
which fits the tube, and she can be taken off from her base.
Her armature is made of twisted strong silver-plated copper,and Aves Apoxie sculpt, which makes her extremely strong.
Her every muscle, bone and all the tiniest details are hand sculpted by me
from professional quality polymer clay. She is one of a kind (OOAK) creature, and will never be duplicated.
She would be is 17 cm (6 1/4"") in height if she had legs, with her tail she is a lot taller. The overall height with base is 18 cm  (7"). 

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