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Come with me

Nr 12 in Fantasy Collection

OOAK fairy sculpture by Mollamari Creations

He is a viking warrior fairy Ulfar. In his brave and dangerous adventures has
he met a beautiful exotic Spanish fairy Catalina. He was astonished by her sparkling hot beauty, and he is asking her to follow him to his world, he will protect her from all dangers and give her his love forever...

I think Catalina is a bit amused of his macho behavior, but she apparently is falling in love with him,
can you see the dreamy look in her beautiful eyes? What else then love can create such a glance...

This is a piece of true fairy love!

Catalina has orange-red organza and silk gauze costume, with small skirt and a bra,
decorated with micro glitter and micro beads.
 Her dark brown hair is soft and curly lambs wool. She wears a very decorative crown made of copper wire and glass beads.
Catalina has orange-red veined decorative wings highlighted
with sparkling micro glitter and micro beads.
 The wings are gently pose able, and they are detachable. Her eyes are sparkling copper brown,
 and they are glazed to get very living expression in them. I have painted them with quality heat-set  oil colors.
 She has real eyelashes and eyebrows made of lambswool in her beautiful dreamy eyes.
 Her skin has four very thin translucent layers of colourwash with heat-set oil paints,
to achieve very living and fleshy tone of skin. 

She is sitting and leaning on a piece of driftwood , which has been heated well in microwave oven
to boil out the moisture and possible bugs.
The base has artificial moss and plants, real sand and stones glued on wooden plate.
Her armature is made of twisted strong silver-plated copper, and she has wires all the way through her fingertips
to make them really strong. The armature is secured with utmost strong epoxy putty to get the most strength.
She is would be 17 cm (6 1/4"") in height  if she was standing.

Ulfar has a viking style costume. He wears a leather loincloth which is tied with a belt and working buckle.
He has silver dagger which has leather
sheath and belt with buckle.
He wears a woolen cloak which has sewed edges, and three Nordic knots (symbol of lasting love and friendship) on the back.
Cloak is detachable, it is tied with strings under the cloak on his back.
Ulfar has a viking helmet, wristbands and a ring which I made of aluminum. He can wear the helmet on his head,
or hold it on his left hand. Ulfar also has a Thor's hammer necklace, which has silver chain.
His wings are hawk moth wings, which suits his warrior style, and they are detachable.

Ulfar is 18 cm (7") tall. The whole piece is 23 cm (9") tall, and 34 cm (13 1/2") wide at the largest points.
There is a brass tube in his right leg all the way to his hip, and the base has steal rod
which fits the tube, and he can be taken off from the base. His armature is made of twisted silver-plated copper wire
, and very strong apoxie sculpt clay. He has wires all the way through his fingertips. Their hands fit perfectly without stressing the fingers when they are placed in right positions on the base. 

Their every muscle, bone and all the tiniest details are hand sculpted by me
from professional quality polymer clay, and t
hey both are anatomically correct.
They are one of a kind (OOAK) creatures, and will never be duplicated.

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